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Water Walking Christian Drowns in Bathtub

by Elroy Willis -- May 6, 2000

LOS ANGELES (EAP) -- The leader of a group of Christians who practice water walking drown yesterday in his bathtub after apparently slipping on a bar of soap.

James Franklin of Los Angeles was found dead in the bathtub by his wife Betty when she returned home from a trip to the grocery store.

"I dragged my husband out of the tub and called 911, but he'd been dead too long to revive him," said Mrs. Franklin. "If I hadn't gone to the store to buy food, my husband might still be alive."

Franklin said that her husband had organized a small group of fellow Christians who were attempting to learn how to walk on water, and that he spent many hours in their bathtub practicing, but had not yet mastered the ability.

"My husband loved Jesus, and wanted to be more like him, so he was trying to walk on water just like Jesus did. He even organized a group of friends who he hoped would help him learn how to perform this miracle."

"It was simply God's will that my husband died," said the widow Franklin.

"I don't know what else to think except that my husband is probably talking to Jesus right now. Maybe he can walk on water in heaven if there's actually any water up there," she said.

"This was a very unfortunate accident, but I'm sure James is in heaven now," said Leroy Allbright, a member of the group that Franklin had organized.

"I intend to keep practicing until I can actually walk on water. I just need more faith," he said.


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