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Murder By Voodoo

by Elroy Willis -- June 4, 2003

MOBILE, ALABAMA (EAP) -- Trial began today for a case involving a Mobile woman who hired a professional voodoo doctor to kill her husband. Murder charges were filed by the victim's lover against both his wife and the voodoo doctor she hired.

Karen Urvcane, 34, and Tobias Washington, 32 were in the heat of passion when Washington clutched his chest and fell over on top of Urvcane. The coroner's report lists the cause of death as a heart attack, but Urvcane is convinced that it was the work of voodoo.

"I couldn't stand my husband cheating on me no more and wanted him dead," said 31-year-old Bodella Washington, who contacted Roy Abulubu, a Mobile voodoo doctor who has been casting spells on people for the last 25 years.

"I took some hair from my husband's hairbrush and a pair of his dirty underwear to Mr. Abulubu who used them in a magic ceremony, and three days later my husband was dead," Washington said.

Urvcane, who learned of Bodella Washington's visit to the voodoo doctor through a mutual friend is convinced that the magic spell is what killed her lover.

"Tobias was young and healthy and was a real love-machine who could keep going all night long," Urvcane said. "He didn't have any heart problems, and this is obviously the work of voodoo and a clear case of intentional murder."

Jury selection for the trial took over six weeks as the defense and prosecution weeded out those they felt were unfit to serve on the jury due to biases or disbelief concerning voodoo.

They settled on a jury of six voodoo believers and six voodoo non-believers in order to reach a compromise.

"We have a feeling we might end up with a hung jury, but justice must go on," they said.


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