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Please Give My Teeth To Jesus

by Elroy Willis -- March 24, 1999

NEW YORK (EAP) -- Strange things happen every day they say, and a note found on the bedside table of an 81-year-old New York man who died in his sleep last night makes one think about how strange the beliefs of some people actually are.

"Please give my teeth to Jesus because the Tooth Fairy has failed to show up to collect them," the note said.

Edward Croffard, of lower Manhattan, died of heart failure last night and was found by his son Edmund, who came to check up on his aging father earlier this morning.

"I found my dad dead in his bed with a bag of teeth clutched in his left hand. I couldn't figure out what the meaning of the teeth was until I read the note," Croffard said.

"My father apparently still believed in the Tooth Fairy when he died. It seems that he wanted someone to pass his teeth on to Jesus so that Jesus could give his teeth to the Tooth Fairy."

Edmund says he'll honor his father's wishes and will sleep with the bag of teeth under his pillow for the remainder of his life, and has written his own note which passes the teeth down to his son Ernie in case Jesus dosen't return in his lifetime.

"My dad may have been on to something. Nobody has ever proven that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist, so I'll respect my father's wishes," Edmund said.


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