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Chicago Teacher Suspended For Bible Preaching

by Elroy Willis -- April 5, 2000

CHICAGO (EAP) -- A Chicago teacher was put on suspension yesterday after painting the Ten Commandments on her forehead and parading around her classroom of third-grade students.

Martha Fredericks, 45, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian and lover of God said she was upset with a recent decision to keep her school from putting up the Ten Commandments inside the school.

"They may be able to keep us from putting up the Ten Commandments in the classrooms and halls, but they can't stop me from painting them on my forehead," Fredericks said, after being relieved of duties yesterday morning.

Several of the third-grade students wet their pants as Fredericks told Bible stories about Satan burning little children in Hell, as she paraded around them while pointing at her forehead and speaking in a terrifying devil-like voice.

"She was scarier than Freddy Kruger," said 8-year-old Diane Clemont, one of the students who wet their pants. "We wanted her to stop but she kept on screaming about Satan and how he likes to torture little kids and eat them for breakfast."

"She flipped her lid," said Robert Thomas, 32, who came to the rescue when he heard screaming coming from the classroom across the hall. "Mrs. Fredericks was quoting Bible verses about God dashing little babies heads against rocks and screaming about the Devil when I came in. She was in a rage of some sort," he said.

"She had something painted on her forehead, and I couldn't quite make out what it was at first," Thomas said. "Then I realized it was the Ten Commandments when I recognized the word 'Lord' spelled backwards."

Fredericks had painted the Ten Commandments on her forehead as she was looking in the mirror and apparently didn't realize that people couldn't read them clearly when looking at her face to face.

"It's pretty sad when somebody cracks up like that," Thomas said as he shook his head in disbelief.


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