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Pin The Cross on Jesus Recalled

by Elroy Willis -- December 13, 1998

ST. LOUIS (EAP) -- A new party game called "Pin The Cross on Jesus" has been recalled due to heavy attacks by the Christian coalition which claims that the game is an outright blasphemy.

The game was modeled after the popular "Pin The Tail on The Donkey" game, but used Jesus and a cross instead of a donkey and a tail.

"We thought it was a good idea," said Marsha Whitman, spokesperson for Milton Bradley, maker of the new game. "We figured it would be a big hit at Christian birthday parties, but I'm afraid we were wrong," she said.

"Jesus was supposed to have ridden into Jerusalem on a donkey, so we just thought the two games were similar enough to make some good sales."

The game included sound effects of Jesus whining and wimpering when he was pinned to the cross in the right position, and the fact that the game needed batteries was another problem that turned off the Christian protesters.

"We already have enough toys and games which require batteries, and this is just one more that we don't need," the protesters said.

"It's too bad the Christians don't like the game," Whitman said. "We don't really understand what the big objection is, but don't want any bad press, so we've decided to quit producing and selling the game," she said.


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