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World's Most Superstitious Person

by Elroy Willis -- November 20, 1999

HOUSTON (EAP) -- Guinness made a new entry into their book of world records today called "The World's Most Superstitious Person." The entry describes a Houston woman who claims to have over 2,000 superstitious beliefs and is adding new beliefs every day.

Wilma Crumby, 45, of Houston, claims that she can't get enough of superstitious and supernatural beliefs.

"They make my heart beat faster," she says.

"We can't keep up with her," said Tom Fishburn of Guinness.

"By the time we record her current set of beliefs as the world record, she's added more the next day. We had to pick her first 2,000 beliefs in order to establish a record, but she's breaking her own record every day," he said.

A Guinness film crew followed Crumby around for one day last week, and was amazed at all of the rituals that she performs each day.

"When she wakes up, she scrapes any little tidbits of sand out of the corners of her eyes and puts them into a little bottle which she wears around her neck during the day," said Bill Thomas, one of the film crew. "She thinks the sandman will come back someday to collect his little bits of sand."

"She showed us a secret box which has a few dozen teeth in it that she's collected from her children, and says that one day the teeth will be useful somehow."

"Mealtime for Mrs. Crumby is quite a sight to behold," said Shelly Simpson, another member of the camera crew. "She throws salt over one shoulder while rubbing bits of garlic on her neck to ward off vampires and repel evil spirits."

When questioned about the reasoning behind all her beliefs, Mrs. Crumby says that she's just being careful, in case there's some truth to any of the stories and superstitions she believes in.

"I bought several cases of communion wafers, and eat 'em just like rice cakes," she said. "I also cut my lawn with a pair of scissors to avoid killing any insects which might be reincarnated people," she said.

"My goal is to believe in every possible superstitious belief before I die, just in case any of them are true."


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