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Naked Soul-Buyer Nabbed in New York

by Elroy Willis -- November 10, 1999

NEW YORK (EAP) -- A naked man was found roaming the streets of lower Manhattan today apparently in search of souls to buy. He was arrested for trying to sell his left shoe and last piece of clothing to an off-duty police officer in an attempt to get more money to buy souls.

"He wanted to sell me his left shoe for five dollars," said Tom Winston, arresting officer. "It was in the lower 40's today and the man was totally naked except for his left shoe and a small towel wrapped around his waist, and a tattered bible he was carrying."

"I gave the man my coat to keep him warm," Winston said. "I took a look at some of the papers hanging out of his Bible, and discovered that they were contracts for souls, which sent a chill up my spine for some reason."

"Some of the contracts were for as much as 50 dollars, while others were for as little as 5 cents, which I suspect he bought from some of the homeless people around here."

"There were several contracts which were traded for pieces of his clothing when he apparently ran out of money," Winston said.

"The true identity of the man is still unknown, but the name on all of the contracts is 'Rick Boston'," said Louise Phillips, head nurse at Westside sanitarium where the man was taken for psychiatric evaluation.


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