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Puppy Explodes Killing Five in Gaza

by Elroy Willis -- March 30, 2005

GAZA (EAP) -- If suicide bombers blowing themselves up and killing innocent children isn't sad enough, then the latest Gaza bombing involving small puppies who were forced to swallow explosives has left this reporter wondering how low terrorist bombers will sink.

According to local reports, two puppies filled with high explosives were set loose outside a Gaza restaurant while the bomber watched from far enough away to avoid being harmed by the explosion.

"I watched in horror as my sister and everyone at her table was blown to pieces after she picked up one of the puppies and started hugging it and giving it some table scraps," said Abraham Cohen, who was outside the restaurant standing in line.

"I waved to my sister and she waved back, then the puppy blew up and killed everyone at her table," he said.

The second puppy was captured and taken to a local animal clinic where it was found to contain four ounces of C4 in its stomach, along with a remote control detonation device which failed to activate due to a dead battery.

"We don't yet know who the bomber is, but we have some clues," said Mohammed Aldar, who grabbed the second puppy and ran away from the restaurant in a state of panic.

"I wanted to save the puppy and adopt it," he said.

Local police are warning people to beware of any suspicious-looking puppies seen wandering around the streets or left on doorsteps until the case is solved and the bomber arrested.


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