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Chicken Fried Pork Responsible For Murder

by Elroy Willis -- January 1, 1999

NEW YORK (EAP) -- A New York man stabbed his waiter to death yesterday after discovering the waiter had served him chicken fried pork instead of chicken fried steak.

Joseph Rabinowitz was dining at the Westside Cafe in Manhattan and ordered a chicken fried steak dinner. His waiter, 24 year-old Claude Nelson, apparently wrote down the order wrong, and Rabinowitz consumed the meal without noticing that the meat was pork instead of beef until he got down to the last few bites.

According to nearby patrons, Rabinowitz then flew into a rage and proceeded to stab and kill Nelson with his steak knife.

"He was calling his waiter all kinds of names," said Louise Robinson, who was eating dinner with her husband at a nearby table.

"He yelled all kinds of insults at the waiter, calling him a bumbling idiot and an anti-semite among other things which I don't care to repeat," she said.

"He was screaming something about God and filthy pigs," said David Trump, another nearby patron who was enjoying his meal of chicken fried steak until the problem started.

"He cursed the waiter in the name of some god called Hashem just before he slit his throat," Trump said.

Rabinowitz claims that eating pork is a sin and that pigs are dirty filthy animals and that he had every right to kill his waiter in the name of Hashem.

"Mr. Rabinowitz is being held on first degree murder charges, pending psychiatric evaluation," said district attorney Melvin Grimes when asked for his comments on the case.


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