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Iowa Pigs Pray Before Meals

by Elroy Willis -- June 4, 2001

BOONE IOWA (EAP) -- "My pigs pray before they eat their food," says an Iowa farmer who claims his pigs stand up on their hind legs and press their front hooves together just before they eat their daily meals.

"They are definitely praying to God," says Oliver Dougmyer, owner of one of the largest pig farms in the state of Iowa.

"Their little pig lips quiver faster than Jimmy Swaggart's bottom lip did when he confessed to having sex with a hooker on national TV," Dougmyer said in a recent interview.

"They get really excited at mealtime, and stand up on their hind legs and press their front hooves together and move their lips, and I'm sure this is an act of them praying to God. Or maybe they're praying to me, I don't know for sure."

Eb Dawsoncrick, farm hand for Douglasmyer, says that the pigs are simply hungry and excited about getting fed, and that there's nothing special going on with the hogs' behavior.

"I've been feeding hogs for 10 years, and almost all of them get excited when they see food laid out for them," he said. "Mr. Douglasmyer is reading way too much into his pigs' behavior," he said.

"I disagree with Eb," says Lisa Douglasmyer, wife of Oliver for 20 years. "The pigs are definitely praying to God and thanking Him for their food, it's plain to see," she said.


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