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Noah's Ark II Found Sunken In New Orleans

by Elroy Willis -- September 9, 2005

NEW ORLEANS (EAP) -- SPCA workers who rescued a howling dog from a half-sunken shrimp boat were surprised yesterday by what they found inside. Two cows, two pigs, two chickens, two goats, two cats, two squirrels, two rats, two skunks, and one dog.

"Someone was obviously trying to rescue animals just like in the Bible, taking them two by two," said Steve Torshing, who managed to coax the surviving dog off the boat with a piece of beef jerkey and several "good boy" encouragements.

According to Torshing, the back of the boat has "NOAH II" spray-painted on it, but the real name of the boat, "NOEL II" can be seen underneath the new paint. No persons dead or alive were found inside or near the boat.

The animals trapped inside the boat's hold were all drowned when a hole was punched in the side by the mast of a nearby toppled sailboat. The surviving dog, a black labrador retriever, managed to escape and climb on top of the boat where rescuers found him hungry and howling like a wolf.

"I can't figure out how the cows got in the boat because they're way too big to fit through the door to the hold," Torshing said.

"Maybe they're bloated up from all the water, but I'm sure whoever did this had good intentions. It turned out to be a real tragedy for the animals inside, nevertheless," he said.


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