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NASA Listens to God

by Elroy Willis -- July 26, 1999

FREEDOM, WYOMING (EAP) -- The scientific community was in awe yesterday when a Wyoming man revealed that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. The man claims to have spoken to God and received a message telling him that scientific measurements can no longer be trusted and that the world is in danger of hellfire from above.

Cory Collins, 55, claims to have spoken to God personally, and says that God is unhappy about the way science takes its measurements so seriously.

"God confirmed to me that what the Bible says is true, and that our Earth and the universe are actually 9,875 years old. Some people disagree with the creation story in the Bible, but God told me personally that every word in the Bible is the truth," Collins says.

NASA is currently seeking the assistance of Collins, in hopes that he'll be able to help them re-program the computers in the Cassini space probe which will be making a pass around Earth next month.

The Cassini probe carries a small amount of radioactive material as a power source, and some people have said that if it smashes into Earth, thousands if not millions of people might be killed by radioactive fallout.

"We don't want any disasters next month, and if Mr. Collins is so sure that God spoke to him, we want to take every precaution and get his input and calculations on the matter. He could be the saviour of our planet if what he claims is true," said Walter Adams, project lead for the Cassini project.

NASA is also interested in obtaining Collins' input on redesigning some of the software modules which process data from the Hubble space telescope.

"His advanced theories on the speed of light, plus his contact with God are of great interest to us," Adams said.

"We've been wrong all along, and we should've known better. It's a miracle that we made it to the moon and back without the help of Mr. Collins."


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