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Missing Missionaries Found in Amazon Jungle

by Elroy Willis -- November 25, 1998

BRAZIL (EAP) -- Several missing Christian missionaries were found yesterday in a remote area of the Amazon, living among a tribe of friendly natives. A group of fellow missionaries was sent to look for them after they'd been missing for two months.

"We were rather surprised at what we found when we discovered our fellow missionaries," said Robert Adams, leader of the search party.

"They were living among a group of half-naked people who were apparently ignorant or simply ignoring the ways of God," he said.

The first group of missionaries met with disaster when their boat overturned and they lost all of their supplies. They were soon rescued by a small tribe of people who live along the banks of the Amazon river.

"We're very grateful to these people for rescuing us," said Lyle Busch, one of the original missionaries. "Our boat sank and we lost all our supplies including all of our Bibles, and were afraid we might drown or starve to death, but the power of God saved us and brought the help of our new friends," he said.

"These people had no exposure to God before," Busch said. "They were living in sin and we intended to do our best to show them the loving nature of Jesus. Although we didn't have our Bibles, and the people didn't understand our language, we were determined to communicate the word of God to them, because it was indeed God who brought us to them, and them to us," he said.

"We tried drawing a cross in the dirt and added a man made of clay attached to it, and proceeded to stab at the dirt and make whining noises, to try to portray the pain and suffering of being nailed to a cross, and we then pointed to the sky, but the people just didn't seem to be catching on to the story of Jesus dying for our sins and going up to Heaven. They just couldn't seem to understand that we were trying to show them the love of God."

"We were getting a little frustrated at this point, and started to question God's wisdom when He confused man's languages, but we decided to press onward."

"We proceeded to make some dolls out of wood, and tossed them into the fire, and pointed at them and cried out sounds of pain as they burned, but they couldn't seem to catch on to our idea of hell. They actually started laughing at this point, and must have thought that we were making jokes," Busch said.

"We weren't quite sure how to portray Heaven to them, since they seemed unable to grasp the concept of hell, so we just decided to give in and join them in their lives of pleasure and guilt-free existance."

"After a few weeks without our Bibles, we became happier and more content than we have ever been," Busch said. "We realized that life is too short to live in fear of eternal punishment, and decided to make the best of it."

"Please don't send any more Christians to rescue us," Busch said. "We're quite happy here living with our new friends."


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