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Palestinian Farmer Claims "Miracle Lamb"
Was Born in Hebron

by Elroy Willis -- March 31, 2004

HEBRON, WEST BANK (EAP) -- Hundreds of Palestinians have been traveling to the West Bank town of Hebron this past week to catch a glimpse of a newborn lamb which is reported by a local farmer to have a birth-mark which contains the Arabic word for God.

According to BBC sources, the owner of the lamb, Yahya Atrash, from the West Bank town of Hebron, told Reuters the animal was born on Monday, when militant leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed.

Atrash is supposed to have told Reuters the timing was "Clear evidence of God's existence."

"Monday is the same day as Moon-day to anyone who understands our ancient calendars and weekdays, not to mention that our Islamic flag has a crescent moon on it, so it's no wonder and even a miracle that the special lamb was born on a Moon-day instead of a Sun-day," Atrash said.

"This sheep was born in memory of the martyrdom of the great hero Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. We hope that the birth of this sheep is a lesson for the living in the same way... The martyrdom is a lesson for us here in Palestine," he said.

This reporter asks what kind of lesson could it be, really? I wonder if the farmer plans on killing the lamb to eat, or will it outlive him?

According to the BBC and Reuters, many Palestinian families and pilgrims traveled through Israeli army checkpoints to view the Palestinian-born lamb.

"I'm not sure how it's spelled exactly, but I can see some dark familiar-looking squiggles in the patterns on the lamb," said one Palestinian woman who traveled over 20 miles to view the miracle lamb.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is considered a hero and martyr by many Arabs and people of the Islamic faith. He was arrested by the Israelis in 1989 and sentenced to life imprisonment, and his death is seen by many Islamic people as an indicator that Islam is true, especially considering the recent birth of the lamb which has a birthmark which spells the Arabic name of God, according to those who claim to see the name there.


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