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Bible Burning Hunters Survive Blizzard

by Elroy Willis -- July 23, 2000

BOISE (EAP) -- Two elk hunters survived a sudden blizzard last week when one of them used a pocket Bible to start a fire which saved their lives. They were able to keep warm until the storm passed the next morning.

Randall and Walter Peck of Boise were on their annual elk hunt when a blizzard arrived unexpectedly, and had to seek shelter from the heavy snow.

"We found a small depression in some rocks and decided to wait out the blizzard," said Randall Peck. "It was getting colder by the minute, and I knew we should probably start a fire," he said. "I had a pack of matches, and there were several dead tree limbs around the area, but there wasn't any sort of small kindling or dry leaves to get the fire started."

"We were getting very cold," said Walter. "We weren't expecting a snow storm like this. I pulled out my pocket Bible and started reading some passages and prayed to God for the storm to stop," he said.

"My brother encouraged me to join him in prayer, and to ask that God have mercy on us and stop the blizzard," Randall said. "I had a much better idea what do with his pocket Bible and told my brother that we needed to use it to start a fire."

"I can't burn my Bible," said Walter. "God might smite me down right here if I do that. I suggest we just keep on praying for this horrible storm to stop," he said.

"You think God might smite you down?" Randall asked. "We're in the middle of a blizzard here Walter, get a grip on yourself!"

"I think if we pray hard enough the blizzard might stop," Walter said.

"I didn't seem to be getting through to my brother and had to take action lest we freeze to death," Randall said. "I pretended to pray along with my brother, and when he closed his eyes, I struck him on the head with a rock. I then took his Bible and started a fire with it."

"By the time Walter came to, I had a nice fire going and felt confident that we'd be able to ride out the blizzard," Randall said.

"It's a miracle from God that I had my pocket Bible with me," Walter said.

"Yet you were willing to freeze to death while praying to God in an attempt to save your precious Bible," Randall said to Walter during the interview. "I just don't understand you sometimes."


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