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God Glass Under Investigation

by Elroy Willis -- January 15, 1999

WICHITA (EAP) -- A local TV evangelist is under investigation for selling an item called "The God Glass" on his television program over the last few months. The glasses are claimed to be blessed by God, and are supposed to bring people good luck when they drink out of them.

Christian evangelist Joseph Simmons, of Wichita, claims that God has provided him with the ability to transfer the Holy Spirit into drinking glasses, and says that God instructed him to sell the glasses to as many people as possible in order to spread the word of God and build his ministry.

"I was lying in bed one night when God spoke to me and gave me the idea for The God Glass. He instructed me to place my hands around a drinking glass and pray a certain prayer in order to transfer the Holy Spirit into the glass," Simmons said in an interview on Monday.

The glasses Simmons is selling look like an ordinary clear 16 ounce drinking glass which would normally sell for around $2 retail, but he's charging $19.95 for them, and this is the reason for the investigation.

"We've been questioning people who've purchased these glasses over the past week to see if Reverend Simmons claims have any merit," said Tom Robinson of the Wichita Better Business Bureau.

"So far we've found one woman who claims that her son got an A on his math test after drinking his morning orange juice out of one of the glasses, and another man who claims to have made his very first hole-in-one after drinking coffee from one of the glasses earlier in the day," Robinson said.

"We'll be talking to another man tomorrow, who claims to have passed a kidney stone as result of drinking a dozen beers from a God Glass," he said.

When questioned about the extremely high markup on the price of the glasses, Simmons said "That was the price God gave me, so that's what I'm charging."

So far over 12,000 glasses have been sold and they are becoming more popular by the day.

"We bought a set of 6 glasses so that each member of our family could be blessed by the Holy Spirit at the same time as we eat breakfast together each morning," said Penny Anderson, Wichita homemaker, wife, and mother of 4.

"My husband got a raise last week, and our 3-year-old daughter learned how to tie her shoes since we got the glasses last month. It's truly a miracle from God," says Anderson.

When questioned about a man who lost his job the day after drinking out of one of his glasses, Simmons said "He must have washed the Holy Spirit out of the glass by putting it into the dishwasher. The instructions which come with The God Glass quite clearly state that the glasses must be washed by hand, and using only Holy Water, which we sell as an accessory for $9.95 a gallon."


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