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Jesus Fishing Lure Scores Big Catches

by Elroy Willis -- February 2, 1999

ORLANDO (EAP) -- Bass fishermen from around the country are gathering in Orlando this week to test out a new fishing lure which is shaped like Jesus on the cross. The lure includes a sound module which emits a whining noise and seems to attract fish by the droves.

Kim Willis, marketing director for Lawson Sports Products, manufacturer of the new lure says "This could be the most profitable fishing lure we've come up with in the last 10 years."

"I've never seen anything like it before," said Jimmy Houston, professional fisherman who tested a prototype of the new lure. "The cross shape causes the lure to twist around in the water, and in combination with the whining sounds the lure produces, it makes for the most effective lure I've ever used," he said.

"Even the baby smallmouth bass seem to go after it. I accidentally dropped one of the lures into my minnow bucket, and all of the minnows immediately swam towards it at the bottom of the bucket."

A contest is under way to determine which variation of the lure is the most effective in the Orlando area. Testers of the lure are given several color combinations to choose from, and are encouraged to try them all out to see which one is the most effective.

"I'm leaning towards the blood red cross," says Joel Myers, who thinks the fish will be attracted to the color of blood. "I could be wrong, but that's what I'm going to try first," he said.

"I'm gonna start out with a bright yellow one," said another fisherman who drove all the way from Chicago to participate in the contest.

The sound module for the lure has several settings also, which when combined with the different available colors allows for many different combinations of lure design.

"Our goal is to determine which combination is the most effective in the Orlando area," said Mrs. Willis.

The winner of the contest will be the one who has caught the most fish. Not the total weight of all of the fish, as is common in many fishing tournaments, but the total number of fish regardless of their individual sizes and weights.

The winner of the contest will receive a lifetime supply of the new lure and $100,000 in cash.

Several religious groups in the area have attempted to stop production of these new lures and the tournament itself, stating that they make a mockery of Jesus on the cross, but they've failed to stop the many fishermen who are anxious to try out the new lure and claim the prize.

"If people can be lured in by the figure of a man on a cross, then we feel that fish should be no different. That's why I think this particular lure is doing so well," Willis said.


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