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Falwell Attacks 'Deck the Halls'

by Elroy Willis -- December 15, 1999

LYNCHBURG, VA (EAP) -- Jerry Falwell announced yesterday that he feels the Christmas song "Deck The Halls" is an abomination in the eyes of God, and that it promotes homosexuality, and says that he's taking steps to have the song demonized by the Christian Coalition.

"This is obviously an evil song and a work of the Devil," Falwell said in an interview earlier today.

Dr. Falwell claims that the verse "Don we now our gay apparel" is clearly an enticement for homosexual people to dress up and dance around in the streets.

"We can't have this sort of thing going on during the holiday season," Falwell said. "If the gay people want to dress up and parade around town, they should keep it separate from the time that we celebrate the Holy birth of Jesus," he said.

Falwell also claims that the verse "Fa la la la la la, la la la la" is a work of the Devil and that it promotes promiscuity, homosexuality, and a French-like C'est la vie carefree attitude.

"The Holy Spirit told me that this is a very evil song," Falwell said. "It's almost as bad as the gay Teletubbies who are harming our young children's minds."


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