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Fallujah Men Stuck on Their Knees

by Elroy Willis -- December 14, 2004

FALLUJAH (EAP) -- Dozens of Fallujah men found themselves stuck on their knees in the Muslim praying position last Friday, with their heads touching the ground and their bottoms stuck up in the air, and they can't seem to get up off their knees, no matter how hard they try, according to several local Fallujah news reports.

"My husband had to crawl home on his hands and knees and says that he can't stand up," said one Iraqi women who blames her husband's condition on a Christian curse that she says was chanted outside the mosque her husband attended last Friday.

Several US soldiers who were in a prayer circle outside the mosque praying for the Muslims to "Find Jesus," say they weren't trying to put a curse on the people inside, but were just trying to get them to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, and Democracy as their political system of free choice.

"It wasn't a curse, just a prayer or wish, or perhaps even a warning, but definitely not a curse," they said.

Another Iraqi woman, whose 18-year-old son has to eat from a bowl on the floor, said that she'd rather her son were dead, instead of being humiliated at having to eat like a dog.

"He has dirt and bugs in his hair, and the neighbor dog tried to mount him and mate with him, thinking he was another dog," she said. "If he'd been killed instead of being cursed, he'd have died as a respectable martyr, and would be enjoying a wonderful life in Heaven with Allah now, instead of being humiliated like he is today," she said.

"It's worse than the pictures of our soldiers being sodomised by the Americans," said another Iraqi woman whose husband claims that the soldiers who were praying outside the mosque set off some kind of secret nerve gas bomb which left him and the other people inside the mosque paralyzed from the waist down and neck up.

"I can still use my hands and hold a gun or bomb or press a button with my finger, but I can't really see what I'm doing very well, since my head is still stuck near the ground," said one of the afflicted men who asked his wife to help him become a suicide bomber out of desperation and pity because of his current condition.

"Strap a bomb to me and point me in the right direction, and I'll crawl my way to martyrdom," he told his wife.

"These men are no good to us any longer since they can't stand up and fight the Americans and Jews like real Muslim freedom fighters should be doing," said Abdul Muhammed, leader of one group of Iraqi freedom fighters, who claims that the men stuck on their knees weren't really true Muslims to begin with.

"They're most probably like the cowardly disciples of Jesus who all ran away right before He martyred himself," Muhammed said.

"If they really believe in Allah, they wouldn't be stuck down on their knees, in their current positions, and the Christian curse wouldn't be affecting them," he said.

Many of the American soldiers in the area have taken the incident to mean that Jesus is behind and supports the war in Iraq, and is right there with them on the battlefield, especially in their prayer circles.

"The LORD told us that one day everyone will bow down to Him and His Mighty Power, and many of us think this is a sure sign that He was right," said several of the US soldiers who participated in the prayer circle and consider themselves "Warriors for Christ."

"Once those men accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and the US as the biggest Superpower ever, we think they'll be able to stand up and walk again," they said. "Then we can give them some of our rifles and ammo, and persuade them to fight the "Good Fight" against those Iraqis and other evil Arab people who won't accept Jesus or our form of Democracy," they said.


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