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Denver Man Sued Over Bible-Pusher's Penis

by Elroy Willis -- May 12, 2005

DENVER (EAP) -- A Denver man who makes his living going door to door selling personalized Bibles is suing another Denver man after being asked to drop his pants to show his penis to one of his prospective customers.

"My face turned red and I didn't know what to say or do," says Alan Wolfridge, 25, who has been selling Bibles with personal inscriptions and family trees printed in the front of them for the last five years.

"I have several different versions of the Bible for sale, and am a non-denominational Christian myself, and when I went to the door of Juan Ricovez last February, he asked me to drop my pants and show him my penis, to make sure that I was circumcised and a true follower of Abraham," Wolfridge said.

"I was just trying to make sure he wasn't an imposter or a pretended believer in the books he was selling, and wasn't trying to get some perverted look at his penis or private parts for no good reason," Ricovez said.

"I asked the same thing of a man begging for money at a local corner store that I frequent when he said that if I gave him $2.00 for gas to get back home, the god of Abraham would bless me in the afterlife.

"I'm a natural-born skeptic, and if that makes me gay or queer or a sexual predator, then so be it," Ricovez said.

"All I was trying to do was make another sale so I could pay my rent and feed my family, and then I was humiliated and harassed by Mr. Ricovez, and feel that I'm due some type of monetary re-payment or compensation for my total embarrassment and humiliation," Wolfridge said.

"My face turned as red as the blood of Christ when Mr. Recovez asked me to drop my pants and show him my penis, and that should be worth at least a few thousand dollars," he said.

"This is gonna be a tough case," says Luey Estron, who decided to defend Ricovez and his right to demand to look at the penis of any man who shows up on his doorstep or at some other location if they claim to be believers in the god of Abraham.

"If they're true believers, then they should have no problem dropping their pants," Estron said.

"It's a cut and dry case," says prosecuting attorney Marty Mangrum, who claims that Ricovez is an obvious sexual predator or prevert of some kind.

"He might even be gay," he said.


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