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Tulsa Couple Sues Bible-Bellowing Baptists

by Elroy Willis -- July 25, 2000

TULSA (EAP) -- A Tulsa couple is suing a local daycare center after their four-year-old son became a chronic bedwetter shortly after he started attending the newly-founded child care center.

Martha and Stuart White, of Bixby, claim that their son Thomas was exposed to stories of demons and devils and gods while in the care of Southside Daycare, and now has nightmares and wakes up in a cold sweat and wet bed, crying out loud for the nightmares to stop.

"We don't allow Thomas to watch those types of shows on TV or take him to those kinds of movies, and we certainly don't try to fill his young mind with such superstitious nonsense," the couple said in a recent interview. "We've told Thomas that those things aren't real, but the lady at the daycare center told him that they are real and that he should be afraid of the Devil and other tales of terror from the Christian Bible."

The Whites pulled their son out of Southside Daycare six months ago, but their son is still suffering from chronic bedwetting and traumatic nightmares, despite their best efforts to convince him that the stories about some devil burning people in hell and torturing little children who disobey God are just fictional stories.

"My husband Frank said it would be a good idea to teach the little kids about God and the Devil," said Diana Hugo, who was in charge of the group of children at the time the White boy was attending the daycare center. "We're both God-fearing Baptists and just wanted to spread some fear into the children's lives to make them be good God-fearing Christians like us."

The Whites are claiming mental child abuse as their grounds for the lawsuit. Damages are undisclosed at this point, but the longer the White boy continues to wet his bed and have nightmares, the higher the damages are likely to become.

"This is a tough case," said Randy Day, attorney for the Whites.

"It's obvious that the Thomas boy is a victim of superstitious brainwashing, but the Hugos claim that God and the Devil really exist, and that if anyone rules against them, that those people will be sent to hell for denying the truth of God."

Jury selection begins next week, and it's rumored that the case might possibly be thrown out of court due to a possibility of not being able to select a non-biased jury.


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