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Falling Cross Kills Boston Preacher

by Elroy Willis -- December 29, 1998

BOSTON (EAP) -- A cross of Jesus was responsible for the death of a Boston preacher yesterday when it came loose from a church wall and struck him dead on the head while he was giving a sermon to his congregation at The Holy Church of Mother Mary.

The statue became dislodged from the wall which was stressed due to local flooding and an unstable foundation. The cross fell down and struck Father Leonard Williams on the head, killing him instantly.

"We've had a lot of rain here lately, and our church foundation is shifting and falling apart," said Irene Davis, 15-year-member of the Holy church. "We decided to spend our collection money on the new Jesus cross last month instead of spending it on repairing the church wall and its foundation, and I think it was a big mistake," she said.

"We all love Jesus so much, and we wanted to have a big cross of Him on our church wall behind the pulpit. It was a beautiful cross, and so life-like. There was even blood coming out of Jesus' wounds, and it was simply wonderful!"

"Seeing Jesus up there on the cross all bloody and suffering just filled my heart with joy," Davis said. "It's too bad the cross killed Father Williams, but we can't question God's will. After all, our Father in Heaven knows best."

Apparently, the 350-pound weight of the new cross was too much for the church wall to support, and it came tumbling down after being in place for only three days.

"We think it was an act of God," said Marlene Rogers, another long-time member of the church. "Otherwise, it wouldn't have happened this way. We think it was just time for Father Williams to go home to Jesus," she said.

The Holy Church of Mary is currently taking collections and donations to repair the wall, and plans on having a fresco cross painted on the wall instead of putting the statue back up.

"We don't want this sort of thing to happen again, so we're taking some precautions. Our church has sold the fallen cross statue to another church which has more money and sturdier walls, and we're using the money to help pay for the repairs," Rogers said.


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