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Jesus Saves Young Girl's Cat

by Elroy Willis -- December 25, 1998

LOS ANGELES (EAP) -- A missing cat was returned to its owner yesterday after being rescued from the top of a tall palm tree by a Los Angeles firefighter. The cat had been missing for over a week after it climbed up a neighbor's tree and was apparently afraid to come down.

12-year-old Lisa Johnson, owner of "Tabby," a 4-year-old siamese female, was very worried, and prayed to Jesus that her kitty would come back to her.

"I prayed to Jesus every night for Tabby to come home," she said. "I was getting a little worried after three or four days, but I kept on praying to Jesus. I prayed harder and longer every night."

Tom Reynolds, neighbor of the Johnson girl, returned home from vacation to discover Tabby perched high up in one of his palm trees.

"The cat was very distressed and scared," Reynolds said. "She was crying and looked very confused. I didn't have a long enough ladder to reach the poor cat, so I had to call the fire department."

The phone call was answered by Jesus Sanchez, dispatcher for the local fire department.

"I have a cat myself, and was eager to help out," Sanchez said. "I dispatched one of our trucks to save the cat, and was happy to see it rescued from the tree and returned to its owner."

"I'm so happy to have my Tabby back," said Lisa. "I thought I might not ever see her again, but thanks to Jesus my cat is back with me."

Several neighbors didn't actually see the rescue take place, or hear of the rescue call, and only heard rumors of Jesus saving the cat. A few of them believe that Jesus floated up into the tree to save the cat.

"We think God sent Jesus to save the cat," said Louise Feldman, close neighbor of the Reynolds family and devout Christian woman.


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