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Man of God Preaches to Insects

by Elroy Willis -- November 1, 1998

BINGER, OKLAHOMA (EAP) -- Take a stroll through the small town of Binger, Oklahoma, and you're likely to run across Wyatt Patterson, self proclaimed preacher of God to our insect world. Last spotted preaching to a mound of red fire ants on the corner of 4th and Main Street in downtown Binger, Patterson has become a common sight around town.

"Why do the fire ants want to sting people?" Patterson asks.

Patterson moved to Binger last summer in search of the rare indigo dung beetle. He says that he's on a mission from God to preach the Gospel to the insect world.

"I've been chosen by Jesus to preach His Gospel to beetles and spiders and ants," he says.

"We like Wyatt and most of us in town think he's a nice fellow," says Larry Mantle, lifelong resident of Binger. "He may seem a little kooky at times, but he's become a part of our town, and we've grown to like and respect him."

When asked if he thought the insects could actually understand what he was preaching to them, Patterson said "It dosen't matter, God knows what He's doing, and I'm just following His advice and suggestions."

According to reports from several citizens of Binger, Patterson has been spotted picking flies out of spider webs in an attempt to gain the attention of the spiders.

"They can't pay attention to me while they're eating flies and other bugs," Patterson says.

Binger Medical Center reports that Patterson has been admitted to their emergency ward several times after being stung by bees and fire ants.

"We just don't know what's going through his mind, but God must be involved since his actions are somewhat mysterious," said Susan Adams, an emergency room nurse who has personally treated Patterson on several occasions in the past.

A few citizens seem to have taken an offensive attitude to Patterson's presence, claiming he's only encouraging the insects to spread and take over the town.

"We had a small fire ant problem last year, but this year we seem to be completely overrun with them," said Bob Jones, local resident of Binger. "Wyatt is preaching for these insects to be fruitful and multiply, and it's becoming a real problem for us."

When confronted with such opposition, Patterson claims he's not the least bit worried or concerned.

"Jesus wants me to be His messenger to our insect friends, and I just have to trust Him," he said. "It dosen't matter if I get stung once in a while, it's all worth it to me if I get to go to Heaven for following the advice of Jesus."

Patterson can frequently be seen roaming the peanut fields in Binger at night, chasing fireflies and preaching to them as they fly around in the sky.

"Fireflies are a nice change from those pesky bees and fire ants who keep stinging me," he said.

"I can't wait for next summer when all the June bugs come out. I just love standing under the street lights and preaching to all the insects and bugs flying around around the lights. It's given me a reason to live."


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