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Porno-filled Bible Causes Boston Mistrials

by Elroy Willis -- July 11, 2003

BOSTON (EAP) -- A Boston court officer was charged with inappropriate conduct last week and several earlier trials were rendered void after it was discovered that the Bible he was using to swear people in with was filled with pornographic material.

Ralph Pubopolis, 56, broke down and cried in front of the court and said he's been lonely ever since losing his wife in a car accident two years ago. He said he missed his wife so much that he can barely stand it.

"I became addicted to porno and couldn't get away from it," he told a panel of judges who ruled that all trials which took place since Pubopolis put the pornographic pictures in the Bible have to be taken back to court with a new set of jurors and judges.

"All the people who were sworn in with that smut-filled Bible didn't really know what they were swearing on," the judges all agreed in a 5-0 decision.

"This is an outrage," said Pierre Kroffs, prosecuting attorney for one of the cases which will have to be retried.

"It doesn't matter what was actually inside the Bible when they swore on it. I won my case fair and square and now we're going to let a convicted rapist back out on the streets because of the actions of some lonely old man. I just can't believe it," he said.

Pubopolis admits that he would carry the Bible around with him and look at the pictures inside whenever court was out of session or when he was on break, and was surprised that he was actually found out.

"Most people thought I was just reading the Bible, and that's the way I wanted it," Pubopolis said. "I never thought someone would actually open it up and look inside. I've been swearing people in for 25 years and not once has someone ever actually opened up the Bible they were swearing on," he said.


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